Thursday, 12 March 2015

Launch of SIL – Great News For Singapore Based Tech Startups

It is easy to dream about starting a company and being a part of entrepreneurship, but like they say that there are no free lunches in the world, that is why you need more than just the will to start a company. First of all, you need proper resources in hand without which you cannot even think of getting started.

Launching a startup is enough to drain one entirely of all of his resources including those of his family and friends. Therefore, once you have drained yourself financially, you need another source from where to accumulate the funds.

That is when entrepreneurs turn to investors. Once of the ways to collect funds to support a business idea is to turn to angel investors. One of the finest examples of angel investors in Singapore is SIL (Singapore Innovation League).

It is a league that has been founded by Niraj Goel in 2014. The league has been started with a huge initial investment which this company intends on distributing among 500 tech startups. It is already on the lookout for promising startups in the country.

So, the launching of Singapore Innovation League should come as great news for startups based in this country, that are looking for investors.

To contact SIL, do visit its homepage at: